1. The contestant shall fill in the entry form completely. A separate form is required
for each entry.

2. Only two models per category per person may be entered.

3. After completing the entry form, return it to the Contest Officials to receive your
entry number. The Contest Officials will give you a claim check which you
must present to claim your model(s) at the close of the display period.

4. Place the model(s) in the display case as directed by the Contest Officials. The
Contest Official will place a label in front of the model(s) that matches the entry

5. Rolling stock may be displayed on flex track or not as the contestant desires.
However, note that if the track is ballasted or its appearance is enhanced, the entry
will be classed as a

6. The Contest Officials reserve the right to display the entries as they see fit. Note
especially the definition of a diorama listed on the Contest Entry Form.

7. No model(s) shall be removed from the contest display cases without permission
of the Contest Officials.

8. Entries will be accepted from the opening of the building for display setup on
Friday until 12 noon on Saturday.
Entries shall remain in the display cases until
2:30 pm on Sunday. However, in the event of a hardship, such as having to leave
the Festival earlier than 2:30, the Contest Officials shall release the entry for
removal from the display case upon the modeler’s request.

9. Prior First Place or Best of Show winning entries will be welcome as Display
Only entries. They are barred from the current contest as entries to be judged.

10. Additional data, information, or one photo may be placed in front of or near the
model using one 3-inch by 5-inch card. The entrant may bring a prepared card,
or a blank card will be supplied by the Contest Officials. Additional information
may be attached to or written on the back of the
Entry Form.

11. In the event of any question or dispute arising regarding the entry’s category, the
Contest Officials shall determine the appropriate category.

12. The juried competition shall begin as soon after 12 noon on Saturday as is
practicable and shall be completed not later than 6 pm. The popular votes cast
shall be tallied not later than 2 pm on Sunday.

13. First, Second, and Third place ribbons will be awarded in each category in both
the juried contest and in the contest decided by popular vote. The model entries
will be judged along with the module entries to determine the recipient of the
Best-of-Show award. A plaque shall be awarded for Best-of-Show, and the award
shall be determined by the
contest judges.

14. In the event that the judges are unable to agree on an entry’s place, the tie shall
be broken by the
Contest Officials.

15. The Contest Officials shall retain all contest entry forms, the judges’ ballots, the
popular vote ballots, and the popular vote tally sheets. The documentation
shall be reviewed by an officer of the Hostler Model Railroad Club appointed
by the Club president in the event of any question arising by a contestant or
interested party regarding the placement of any entry in the contest that may
affect their eligibility for an award.

Model Contest Entry form (2 pages)

Right click on the pdf file and download to print out a copy of the entry form:
2017 model contest PDF